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Perhaps there is no other place in Capri like Jacky Bar.  What is special about this place is not just the drinks you can enjoy, but the atmosphere that permeates it. Sitting in the Jacky Bar is like going back in time. The pleasant retro ambiance that every single detail and piece of design create, feels like Havana in 1950-60s to some, or like the New York Cotton Club to others.

As you step into the room, it seems like you might bump into Compay Segundo or Duke Ellington.

Jacky Bar has become over the years a landmark destination for those who look for something different from mainstream nightlife. A place to listen to some nice live music, while drinking one of the bar’s renowned signature drinks (Great Gatsby and Giada being just two of them) and enjoying a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The bar also hosts cocktail parties, contemporary art exhibitions and other cool events.

Jacky Bar is a must do experience. Something that cannot be missed out.

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