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So, after a long climb along steep Passetiello Trail, we are on the top of Capri’s highest peak, Mount Solaro. You may think, ‘ok, this is it, I’ve seen everything there’s to see. Now I can go down’. Wrong thinking!

As we’ve been saying over and over again in these blog’s posts, Capri might seem a very small island – after all it measures just 4 square miles. Still, you wouldn’t believe how much there is to see and do. One week wouldn’t be enough. There is a an even more beautiful, spectacular and thrilling path than Passetiello trail. That’s the one leading to the Migliera viewpoint, one of the most dramatic ones on the island, from Mount Solaro.

It runs along the brink of a deadly precipice (you’d better stay away from it) and goes down to Monte Cocuzzo (500 meters above the sea level). Quite a steep path, for expert hikers. From now on things are easier. But what you loose in difficulty, you will gain in beauty. After a 20 minutes walk into the luxuriant nature of this side of the island, you will find yourself at ‘Belvedere del Tuono’, the Migliera viewpoint. It’s a cliff diving straight into the sea, across the South and North-Western corner of the island, right where the sun goes down, by Ischia island’s outline.

I know you might be feeling tired by now. But going back to Anacapri town it’s a very nice and relaxing stroll. Once you’re there, you can sit at the table of one of the many little restaurants and bistrots, and enjoy some of the local culinary delights.

Believe me, it’s definitely worth it!

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