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Capri Tiberio Palace is a luxury five star hotel located in one of the most stunning islands of the Mediterranean Sea, which is, of course, Capri. That is true. However, is that enough to express what is really special about this house? Is that enough to say that it has been re-designed by one of the most original architects and interior designers of our times, Giampiero Panepinto, to explain why it is unique? We are getting to the point.

Then again. What makes Capri Tiberio Palace so special? We might say, the high-standard quality of service, as well as the proficiency and friendliness of the staff – which the hotel is widely renowned for. We might mention the top-level Terrace Restaurant, which offers a wide range choice of Mediterranean dishes, local food and Kosher cuisine – and has become a gastronomy landmark not just for guests, but also for locals and tourists who want to taste something different from the average. We are not done yet. As we might add to this a top-level luxury wellbeing area featuring four therapy rooms, a sauna, a steam room, four water-jet showers, a well-equipped gym and a stylish indoor-outdoor pool – the latter being decorated with fine pieces of contemporary art.

But let’s be honest! These things a luxury five star hotel must have – apart from the fine art decorated indoor-outdoor pool, that is for sure. Irony aside, there is something that only Capri Tiberio Palace can do in the way it does it. And it does it so tremendously well. To put it simply, tailoring totalising and immersive experiences to the needs, desires and expectations of its guests. No matter where you go, nowhere else you can find a perfectly balanced blend of contemporary design, visual elements from the myth of La Dolce Vita and local architecture. Everything contributes to the creation of an atmosphere that appeals to the most educated and refined tastes.

Those who choose Capri Tiberio Palace for their holidays can in fact find guidance through the glamorous local high-life (fancy restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs) and the stunning nature and culture of Capri. For this reason, Capri Tiberio Palace can be considered a sort of a gateway to an area of wonder that comprises such places as Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Pompeii and Ercolano, to mention just few of these magic places. As to describe such an intangible, yet real thing as an ‘experience’ is not an easy task, so is to describe Capri Tiberio Palace. For this is what exactly Capri Tiberio Palace is. Capri Tiberio Palace is an experience that appeals to the senses. What you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you taste directly engage your emotions and make Capri Tiberio Palace a destination to reach.

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