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How many times you have read or heard, even on this blog, about Capri swarming with thousands of tourists in Summertime? Billions, haven’t you? 

But what if I told you that Capri can be, actually is, a far from the crowd place, where you can enjoy the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean nature in a calm, yet exclusive environment?

And when, you may ask, would that be possible, apart from Winter? The answer is simple: Spring, and Autumn of course. This is true for a number of reasons, each one appealing to different tastes, needs and wants.

Here are some examples.

You may want to stroll down one of the island’s many fancy, typical streets, or sit at the table in famous ‘Piazzetta’ among a very selectedand elegant, kind of visitors. Then April, May, early June, late Septemberand Octoberit’s the time for coming.

The smell of blossoming flowers and blooming Mediterranean Shrubland, also know as ‘Macchia Mediterranea‘, is something quite unique. You cannot experience it anywhere else but within the Mediterranean basin.

Believe me when I say that Capri is almost completely covered with it. Even if you’ve been living here for your entire life, you can never get used to its magic. And if you want to get inebriated with its scent, gosh, May it’s what you must go for.

Colours. Capri in Summer, with its bright, vibrant and joyful colours is quite something. But, if you’re looking for nuances, infinite shades and gradients of warm colours, sunset in October is what you most surely want. As the sun goes down, the sky get painted with a spectacle of colours words cannot describe.

Blossoming flowers-scented Springand warm, nuanced Autumn. Definitely the best time of the year to fall in love with Capri.

If you wish to know more about Capri and all the things you can do and see in Spring and Autumn, visit Tours&Destinations Brochure.

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