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Capri Island, ‘a long history of drawing the rich and famous to its glistening shores’, according to the Guardian. Whether this is Jaqueline Kennedy, a natural trendsetter, other than JFK’s and and then wealthy ship owner Aristotle Onassis’ wife, or writer Oscar Wilde, Capri has always been on the map of the most prominent, glamorous destinations in the world. Geography helps. Capri is located right in the centre of the Gulf of Naples. Ancient Greeks colonised the island as its position allowed control over the in-and-out traffic to and from the bay.

Going West from East, you can reach Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples, Procida and Ischia Island in just a bunch of minutes. No need to take cars or trains to go from place to place to enjoy such a beautiful world of natural and historical wonder.

Everyone knows how stressful and frustrating can be moving from, say, Sorrento to Pompeii, facing the gorgeous, yet congested roads running across the coastline. It might seem quite small, but as soon as you get there you realise one entire week cannot possibly be enough to do and see everything Capri has to offer.

You will need two days at least just to go shopping and visit all the luxury boutiques and artisanal shops the island sprinkles with. Go and visit all the natural and cultural attractions, or enjoy the tasty food the island abounds, and you will need 5 more days at least.

Do you want to do nothing else but relax under the sun in one of the exclusive beach clubs Capri is renowned for? Or dive into frantic night life among summer’s VIP guests? Well, this will ‘cost’ you a further 2 days. Capri is a unique place. Its reputation as a top, primary destination is well deserved, indeed.

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