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Capri, a place known as swarming with thousands of tourists during the day. A place where you can bump into some prominent VIP at night. Yet, you may find yourself walking kilometres without meeting a soul.

Not everyone knows that Capri and the surroundings are a major destination for hikers. Tens of paths hidden into the wild run across the island providing an infinite range of itineraries for nature lovers. Stunning views suddenly disclose right in front of your eyes that will leave you astounded.

Here are just five of them, though many other exist that cannot be accounted for in a blog post (see Capri Tiberio Palace’s Tours & Destinations Brochure to know more). 

_ ‘Sentiero dei Fortini‘. A route to the discovery of the trails and forts built by the British in 1806  along the north-western coast of the island, starting from the stunning bay of Orrico, right close to the Blue Grotto, to the bay of Mesola (an array of natural pools and ponds making it a very fascinating place). 

[1st photo of the gallery at the bottom]

_ Pizzolungo. A coastal path leading to beautiful Natural Arch through mysterious Grotta di Matermania, a Roman amphitheatre. A place said to be home to ancient rituals in honour of Bacchus, the Greek god of the harvest, wine and fertility. An itinerary dotted with historical villas. Two major examples: Villa Malaparte, writer Curzio Mapalarte’s home; and Villa Noa Noa, where artist Paul Gauguin lived.

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_ Scala Fenicia. An ancient stairway connecting the port of Capri in Marina Grande to Anacapri and Mount Solaro, thought to be built by ancient people, maybe more than 8 centuries b.C., before Greek colonisers arrived.. For almost 3 thousand years the stairway provided the only access to Anacapri (the carriageway being built in the mid 1870s).

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_ Villa Jovis. From Capri’s glamorous streets, where Capri Tiberio Palace is located, to a 2 thousand years journey back in time, when Emperor Tiberius ruled the entire known world dwelling on the top of a 500 mt. high rocky slope. For the most adventurous ones, a path leads down to a rocky beach on the island’s east far edge – right where Emperor Tiberius was said by his opponents in the Roman Senate to be precipitating his young, pretty lovers.

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_ Sentiero degli Dei, the Path of Gods. One of the most spectacular itineraries in the world, indeed. It starts from Agerola, on a hill top in Monti Lattari National Park, where you can enjoy some fantastic local food, to Positano. Views of the Amalfi coast and Capri is anything but stunning.

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These are just hints of the many wonders Capri and the surroundings offer. Perfect time of the years to enjoy all of that? Definitely Spring and Autumn!

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