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You’ve just arrived at your hotel, dropped the bags, checked in, and been accompanied to your room. Great! That’s a pretty beautiful suite, maybe with a gorgeous view over the town and the sea. You are probably lying on your king-size bed (feels good, doesn’t it?), staring at the ceiling to get some rest for few seconds. It’s a warm, sunny day outside, light and the scent of flowers pouring in. You suddenly realise you’re on holiday and start feeling excited thinking about all the things you can do and see. You feel frenzy, but you also want just to relax, as you’re a little bit tired and maybe jet-lagged. Still, you have three more days ahead. And you don’t have to do everything now!

So here it is. A little 4 days itinerary for your vacation.

Day 1 – Relax in the town’s centre

I suggest you to remain in the centre of Capri, no further than that. It’s between 4 and 6pm. There’s a lot of nice things to do without getting too stressed. You may want to start with a rich, delicious hand made ice cream in one of the many beautiful bars in and around the famous ‘Piazzetta’, Capri’s renowned main square.

Then you can stroll down Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Camerelle, lined up with glamorous, luxury stores. You can continue to fascinating via Tragara and its beautiful terrace overlooking the island’s south bay and famous Faraglioni rocks. You may also want to walk down via Le Botteghe. Once the core of artisan commerce, Via Le Botteghe swarms today with fancy restaurants, original small stores and independent craft fashion shops, thus retaining a very unique flavour.

Aperitif in Piazzetta is a must. It’s nice sitting at the table of one of its many bars, enjoying a glass of fresh white wine and tasty finger food before having dinner. And when it comes to food, everything you fancy you can get: from traditional to gourmet cuisine, from more of an informal to a chic atmosphere.

Day 2 – Relax by the sea and crazy night-life

You may want to relax a little bit more and enjoy the crystal clear waters Capri is surrounded with. Again, a wide range of options is available to you: from very exclusive beach clubs to more approachable lidos. But, if you love nature and wish to experience the kind of atmosphere that ancient Greek colonisers lived almost three thousand years ago, just choose rocks. There’s a place in Marina Piccola bay known as ‘Torre Saracena’. A beach made of natural rocks you can lie on and experience a direct relationship with nature. That’s step 1.

Step 2 might be enjoying the spectacle of the sun setting down. Where? Go to Faro, the Lighthouse, a stunning bay at the extreme south-western corner of the island. Take the bus, hire a taxi or rent a scooter. Once you’re there, grab a beer at one of the cosy bars you will find and enjoy the show!

Not tired yet? Good! Step 3. Have dinner and then go clubbing. Remember day one? Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Camerelle with an incredible array of luxury shops and store? Well, that’s also Capri’s night-life venue. You can go chic, smart and folk. It’s only up to you.

Day 3 – Boat tour around the island or a trip to Capri’s surroundings?

Option 1. Rent a traditional boat, the gozzo, or a rubber boat you can drive yourself (it’s actually very funny) and tour the island by sea. Explore all the majestic caves Capri is plenty with and get a direct experience of its magic and mystery. Enter the Blue Grotto and find yourself turning blue as you get into the water. Climb the cliff and get in awe looking at the work mother nature has done over thousands years with the White Grotto. Dive into the water and enter the small Green Grotto. Look at the tricks water does as it smashes into the tiny mouth of the Champagne Grotto.

Option 2. Explore Capri’s surroundings. Visit wonderful Amalfi and Positano town on the Amalfi Coast and walk the ‘Path of Gods’, a stunning trail leading to Amalfi from beautiful Agerola. Or take a journey through the history of Naples, one of the most fascinating and mysterious cities in Europe. The ideal place for culture lovers. Or Go thousands years back in time and discover what Pompeii and Herculaneum looked like seconds before Mount Vesuvius erupted.

Day 4 – Natural trekking or history?

That’s the last day of your holiday, but it’s still plenty of activities to do and places to see.

Option 1.

Capri is a place of stunning, natural wonders, breathtaking views over the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful paths carved out into the wild. You may want to climb Scala Fenicia, Phoenician Stairway, a stairway built before ancient Greeks colonised Capri, more than 500 years BC. It connects the port of Capri with Anacapri, the upper part of the island. Or walk Fortini path, which French and English soldiers built to connect the forts they erected along the coastline from the Blue Grotto to Punta Carena, at the time when they fought each other in the 18th century. Pizzolungo, an amazing trail running along the island’s southern coastline, with a unique view over the famous Faraglioni rocks and Villa Malaparte. You fancy adventure and want to reach Mount Solaro, Capri’s highest peak? ‘Passetiello’ is there waiting for you.

Option 2.

Capri is also where many prominent personalities left a tangible trace of his/her presence. How? Building houses and villas. Three examples.
Villa Jovis. On the top of Mount Tiberio, it is named after the Roman emperor who built it at the very beginning of the 1st century AC.
Villa San Michele . At the top of the Phoenician stairway, the villa offers a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean Sea.
Villa Malaparte , or ‘House like me’. One of the most important pieces of contemporary architecture, built by the controversial, Italian writer Curzio Malaparte soon after WWII along a beautiful path known as ‘Pizzolungo’. It provided the stage for the film Contempt, Brigitte Bardot starring

These are just few of the many attractions to see and activities to do in Capri. There is a lot more than that. Capri is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. But it has so much to offers…

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