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If you are looking for something different from the average Ristorante Terrazza Tiberio is the right place. But first, what does ‘different from the average’ mean? For us, being different doesn’t equal extra-ordinary. Quite the contrary. Ingredients are the real star at Ristorante Terrazza Tiberio, as we believe that there is nothing is more revealing than them. They enshrine the very identiy and culture of place. They tell its story.

Thus, we like to think of Ristorante Terrazza Tiberio’s new gastronomical proposal as ‘Cucina degli Ingredienti’, ‘Ingredient Based Cuisine’. Our interpretation of a Mediterranean and Italian cuisine that puts extra care on the quest for authentic, original and top-quality seasonal ingredients. To give an example, did you know that famous ‘ravioli capresi’ are made of a very specific kind of cheese, ‘caciotta’, that can be found nowhere else but in Capri?

A white, fresh, light and not too solid cheese, which is not like the thousand different kinds of caciotta that can be found throughout Italy. It looks like ricotta, but it is not. And it is definitely not like the more famous mozzarella. You cannot make and eat ‘ravioli capresi’ without ‘caciotta’. 

Ingredient Based Cuisine is conceived to emphasise the quality, taste and features of ingredients – and the identity of the places where they are produced. Kosher cuisine, which Ristorante Terrazza Tiberio also features, is based on the same emphasis on the authenticity of ingredients – and is the only one being certified by the Orthodox Union south of Rome.

Going through our Kosher menu, you can appreciate how strong is such emphasis. And it cannot be otherwise, as Kosher cuisine entails meticolous procedures in choosing and cooking the ingredients. In fact, Kosher cuisine is all about the quality and integrity of specific ingredients and the way they are cooked and processed.

These are the concepts and ideas that Ristorante Terrazza Tiberio wants to promote and propose. For we believe that simplicity and authenticity are paramount to create something different.

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